High School Counselors

Your efforts are invaluable in guiding your students as they consider various life paths. JWCC wants to make your job easier with access to resources and support.

Group Visits

We strongly encourage students to visit campus as part of their decision-making process. High school counselors find that bringing a group of interested students is a positive experience to build confidence while learning more about the benefits of a JWCC education.

We host group visits and tours of our main campus and Workforce Development Center in Quincy or our Ag Center in Baylis.

Schedule a group visit to campus and JWCC will provide lunch!

Resource Guide

The online version of your counselor binders…

Here you will find event information and flyers to share with students, JWCC program information, “get started” checklists, and support available. We appreciate you posting flyers in the appropriate locations at your school!

Note: we are updating our resource guide for summer 2024. If you need information before then, please contact the admissions office.

Presentations for High School Students

JWCC has prepared workshop-style presentations regarding navigating college to address the most common topics of concern to high school students and families. (Note: the presentations are not JWCC specific.) These 30-minute presentations are suitable for specific classes, a career-planning event, monthly presentations on early release days…just let us know what works best for your school!

Schedule JWCC staff to present at your school on these topics:

Contact the Admissions Department at admissions@sequans.net for arrangements.

The Leader in You

What does a well-rounded student look like? Students will assess their strengths and build leadership based on those. May also touch on mentorship.

Ideal for 9-12th grade

What’s the Difference?

High school vs. college, what should students expect? What does a college course look like and how much work is involved? Students will look at a course and see a syllabus.

Ideal for 9-12th grade

Stand out!

Presentation is everything. This workshop will focus on how to make students stand out on paper. Applicable for scholarship, college and job applications.

Ideal for 11-12th grade

Goals: Start with the end in mind

This will share how students can identify a goal and make it happen.

Ideal for 10-12th grade

JWCC: Find Your Path

JWCC specific information including an overview of JWCC certificate and degree offerings, JWCC scholarships, student life activities and more.                                                                                

Ideal for 9-12th grade

JWCC faculty members are available to provide guest lectures at your school. Topics can connect with your curriculum or explore interests while giving your students a fun taste of college classes.

Note: topics can be tailored to any age, audience, and timeframe. Contact the PR Department at pr@sequans.net to learn more or schedule a guest lecturer.

Guest lecturers and sample topics:

Dr. Laura Routh, DHSc, MSN, RN

Associate Faculty, Health Sciences

  • What Happens in Your Body Every 24 Hours
  • Kidney Simulation
  • How Wounds Heal
  • Energy Drinks and Your Body
  • Nutrition
  • Mental and Emotional Health
  • Bones and Muscles
  • Top 3 Diseases in the Country, How They Are Treated and What Can Prevent Them
  • Stress, Anxiety and Our Body
  • Day-in-the-Life as a Nurse
  • Digestive System
  • Respiratory System
  • Circulatory System

Chief Tom Bentley

JWCC Chair and Professor of Emergency Services

  • Day-in-the-life of a Firefighter
  • What’s on That Fire Truck?
  • What is Hazmat?
  • Rope and Water Rescue
  • Fire Safety

Dr. Steven Soebbing

Co-Chair of Fine Arts and Assistant Professor of Music

  • The Elements of a Song
  • History of Hip Hop
  • Basics of Instruments
  • Name that Tune and Composer
  • Mozart Madness
  • Lyrics and Their Meaning
  • Rhythm Reading

An overview of college basics including; types of colleges, types of degrees and certificates, careers within those degrees and certificates, how to choose a school and tips on finding the right fit.

Ideal for 9-12th grade

Students will learn about college debt and how to avoid it. Topics covered: how to be proactive with scholarships, FAFSA, myths and truths about debt and how to estimate the actual cost of college.

Ideal for 10-12th grade

Students will look at a pool of choices and narrow them down based on three main criteria; cost, academics and experience.

Ideal for 11-12th grade

Designed for seniors who have not been planning for or working towards college. This will benefit those getting started late in the game.

Ideal for 12th grade

Undecided? That’s okay! This workshop will introduce 5 things students can do now to help them find their path.

Ideal for 9-12th grade

A snapshot of career availability in the tri-state area as well as earnings potential and skills/education needed to fill those roles.                                                                                                         

Ideal for 9-12th grade

Designed for fun. This is a fast-paced glimpse at 20 college tips in 20 minutes.

Ideal for 9-12th grade

What is the difference in grants, scholarships and loans? This will provide practical application and examples of utilizing all resources.

Ideal for 11-12th grade

JWCC Admissions Team

Brittany McKeown

Brittany McKeown

Kristen Ritterbusch

Kristen Ritterbusch


Please email transcripts to transcripts@sequans.net. We accept early sixth or seventh semester transcripts to admit students; these will be evaluated with multiple measures for college level placement.

Please also forward final transcripts when the school year is complete.

Smart Start

Smart Start Students receive 25% off tuition!

View available fall and spring courses and information.

High school students participating in Smart Start are also evaluated with multiple measures for college placement. Please send transcripts to smartstart@sequans.net.